On Family Night, Ted entertains your customers to add to a memorable experience. Ted’s outstanding twisting and magic skills, low-key humor, and great people skills will make moms, dads, and kids forget that they are waiting to be seated or served. When the entertainment is good and the food is good, everyone is happy!

Ted can vary his balloons and his magic to keep up with the hectic pace of a busy night.He works with wait staff to make sure your customers have a pleasant experience. 

Customers in the Triangle area crave a unique dining experience. Ted’s Twisted Balloons and Magic answers this need, helping to stretch their entertainment and dining dollar further. Everyone gets to take something home to remember your restaurant.

Ted’s Twisted Balloons and Magic brings you repeat customers, offers you word-of-mouth advertisement, calendar ads for your restaurant on his Web site and in publications in the Triangle that will let people know he is at your restaurant.